Notes about Parrotlets


A parrotlet is the young one of a parrot that is hatched after the days of hatching are over.  Parrotlets are tiny creatures that with a range of five to six inches after they are hatched before grow to a full adult.  Its average weight when it is hatched is about twenty-eight grams of weight.  A parrot is one of the birds that people have reared over the time as pet birds.  Amongst the birds that people are keeping as pets a parrot is another that many people are continually being used to and willing to rear them.

It is possible to train a parrot on many things that they can be taught efficiently and therefore making it a unique pet bird.  When there is an intruder in the mixture a parrot will quickly notice and based on the training it is given by the owner they can notify them.  It is hard to quickly understand a parrot especially when you are not living with it in your compound.  Everything about the bird can only be recognized by people who are always close to it and the ones who are rearing it.

They not only give you pride of owning them but also adds to the beauty of your compound.  It is the colors of the parrots that are used to mean the various species that are there for the parrot bird that is mostly reared by many people who like pt birds.  Some species of the birds at are only found in rare places of the world while others can be found anywhere at ease when a person is in need of them without too much struggle.  Parrotlets are not easy to find but when it comes to the Pacific species it is a bird that can be seen and identified easily.

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Other species include the green rump, yellow face and the blue wing that are easily identifiable.  On the other hand it is very much limited to see a parrot species of the yellow face since it is found in very few places of the world.  Naturally parrots like playing very much which is attributed to the appetite that they have for food.  When people are giving food to the parrots they should be cautious to include nuts in their diets as they are natural nutcrackers.

When one is feeding a mature Xtreem Parrotlets they are keen to note that they feed on less food as compared to the young parrots.  One of the things a person should avoid is feeding the pet birds with a lot of sugary food which doesn’t do well in their body.  People who rear parrots are advised to take some very few minutes to give notice to their parrots that will help them receive the training.  Although they look very humble and call when provoked they can be fierce and fight any other pet in the compound.


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