Tips when Selecting a Parrotlet as a Pet


They are very dynamic and gracious and tiny which have around 5 inches.  They have the ability to duplicate the human voice and words but are a bit difficult to understand.  Wild parrotlets frequently fly in a flock.

Reasons to consider while deciding on adopting a pet parrotlet.  One is that a healthy parrot may have a very long lifespan.  You should be ready for the lifetime commitment of taking care of the parrot and if it outlives you should have arrangements for the pet to be taken care of.  Another characteristic for a parrot is that it can be social and bit possessive and can become fond of you.  Due to their selective nature they can prefer a specific sex instead the other.  Parrots are intelligent and spending times with them will help develop them emotionally.

Food is thrown around by the pet, and they are not organized.  Everything they can reach they use their beaks to destroy.  If not properly trained they may poop everywhere which may annoy a lot of people but if you invested you can keep up with them.  Making a lot of noise and being loud is a trait of a parrot.

With proper training and care the Xtreem Parrotlets will be enjoyable.  Through the recommended practice they can be rectified their habit of screaming and making noise.  Parrot needs a balanced diet appropriate for them.  You can feed them vegetable fruits whole grains and a small portion of the meat eggs and cheese food.  Toxic food like avocado salt and .fats should not be supplied to them.

Having a conducive environment is vital if you decide to put it in a cage.  For the parrot to sit comfortably it requires the necessary space.  A parrot needs to stretch outside the cage. To get more tips on how to select the best parrotlet, go to

Supplies are required for the baby parrotlets to have fun and enjoyable time.  For example having a shower perch is fun.  In order for the parrotlet to hop from one to the other they need to be placed around the shower.  This will allow the parrot to stay out of direct water but can absorb the steam.  Having a shoulder cape for those who like having them perch on their shoulders is better and the wrap will ensure your clothes avoid all the wear and tear and stains that come from the feat and beak.

A fun toy for your bird to play with is a bird toy necklace.  They are available in all sizes and will accommodate the small size of the parrotlet.  When the parrotlet is flying out use a bird harness to make sure it doesn’t fly away.  Parrots like all birds produce dander and to ensure the air is always clear you can use an air purifier.


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